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KDE - Plasma 5.1.0 Source Information Page

Plasma 5.1.0 Source Information Page

This is a feature release of Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and other essential software for your desktop computer. Details in the Plasma 5.1.0 announcement.

For an overview of the differences from Plasma 4 read the initial Plasma 5.0 announcement.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to Security issues are listed on the KDE Security Advisories page.


5.1 Errata wiki page lists the most important known problems.

Please check the bug database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.

Install Packages

The easiest way to install and get started developing with KDE Frameworks is to install pre-built packages. For details of Linux distributions which do so see the Plasma Binary Packages wiki page.

Source Install and Use

You can compile Plasma yourself if you are a software developer. See the Build instructions on our developer wiki.

Download Source Code

The complete source code for Plasma 5.1.0 is available for download:

Location Size Sha256 Sum
baloo- 225kB 0217f2c77b367587b7bfc3e17efe0838c553b9ec13aa025d6c0e963f56cc3537
breeze- 16MB 65391287569df1ab060f31ef483775a6095194362172e0c3b5e533b4bcae5402
kde-cli-tools- 455kB 5301e1482fcc0c063a0461dbcb868bf3e33f213446f1b072fef5dc0e2067e1eb
kdeplasma-addons- 1.9MB 85ec7cfd0e04b7a810b7d9aa3ff1404a6383506b28480a05567dd6d28de75172
kfilemetadata- 84kB 926cfa38c4920e97c054b8308ca4050d03cb6d931058c94a57aeed841bb003f0
khelpcenter- 1.9MB 12ccbe2c8d58f69f1fcd77bb1427f9f325734cb20c1731329dc1872722e2a869
khotkeys- 725kB 006a5a10b0409cf53d820cd8bcab0777227da60182416db10b7acc3713a37cdc
kinfocenter- 1.0MB 766e87ae9483bbb191d2b29c186f2f855527a4dd0703861c9bb8cd0c957c5c80
kio-extras- 469kB 05a46da5edc5cd3d63db4c52229aa38b99445c570fb2174f1424e1d42d9bbc49
kmenuedit- 333kB 6d1a8842e811307610cb5d848c8f9b7ffcae3999b5c4ea03bed2d941ec6d279e
ksysguard- 429kB da8296a1547e69987deba405c7acdbeaabb527346eb9e2f2a0423c1195592e48
kwayland- 58kB 942afe608a2d33b3dbd280ba2550df3bd79eb8d57a935b69292e1cad63c99b2a
kwin- 3.6MB 0693edd2e1012c0a6fc58123158de1afd9c16e209093c60047b1fa036cac2f00
kwrited- 18kB ecfbd5418b8e144657abf50526a73af6d3c135b4b6c6b3a6f1faa8ae4eab1692
libkscreen- 59kB 6376e3fa5e4c6a71216d5d6d08a562098ea769ce16d6a1f36d17524612a11ecf
libksysguard- 531kB 7a35a38d57a726e4c1b3008a892939e29ed85273cb439ab5301c82b27b3b6dcf
libmm-qt- 74kB 82424dfa31df9e26b938db899ad589adc05082adf8db958917126126ee2ebacb
libnm-qt- 138kB cd2e9e990a053c91f06a9cea3d152f0ab6efc1d37963426d24c9655b9e445bc1
milou- 47kB a4fa4079d285d5c7b9ee71be2f15fbaf7f7e0be8ff46876d77397527116e9878
oxygen- 4.2MB feb5cab819f8a9570f0b0e97b490e24ea3d8aaa13f6ca5180b7387cb774d8acf
oxygen-fonts- 157kB 16741e6c1e931b0af9cb130a823e1d3afefbe395e983ba479d2e379b0702c92a
plasma-desktop- 5.7MB 59c1fb988affd8d74a461bf5ba3097d6b0f1e35b90d14efa9287812816281d82
plasma-nm- 474kB 650231332f0df6f51b42e4cdddcdc8f456f61617d7305c4167a33e24145ef1ad
plasma-workspace- 6.1MB ef5fc104570006a3263a51f721ac102268009e6fdef349314dc76bfcb6860e80
plasma-workspace-wallpapers- 27MB 01c049ddb436df6352cdc130d9b6369fe9ab8a28629912a99ec12df3f175e4bc
powerdevil- 408kB e09aab3ea0fed881109cf5d70a5390db0b3d3a6cccdfeacf945b23a287b7b2fd
systemsettings- 132kB 9320d25d1509f645c07d5e45dbf00795e39f7daa7f3110aadf0bf606b8f88e7d

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