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KDE - Plasma 5.1.2 Source Information Page

Plasma 5.1.2 Source Information Page

This is a bugfix release of Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and other essential software for your desktop computer. Details in the Plasma 5.1.2 announcement.

For an overview of the differences from Plasma 4 read the initial Plasma 5.0 announcement.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to Security issues are listed on the KDE Security Advisories page.


5.1 Errata wiki page lists the most important known problems.

Please check the bug database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.

Install Packages

The easiest way to install and get started developing with KDE Frameworks is to install pre-built packages. For details of Linux distributions which do so see the Plasma Binary Packages wiki page.

Source Install and Use

You can compile Plasma yourself if you are a software developer. See the Build instructions on our developer wiki.

Download Source Code

The complete source code for Plasma 5.1.2 is available for download:

Location Size Sha256 Sum
baloo-5.1.2 227kB fb3eb0e7644894934f5ef7852af47ec0422df7b5b32c2a359a920f9fab1acdfa
breeze-5.1.2 16MB 8441ac35dfb50267505ed438ada81e82a16777775ecf32e32208c2f64576ebb0
kde-cli-tools-5.1.2 465kB 8b1bde770806793749464fa079181f26728bf3eb0853d07e354b942808906faa
kdeplasma-addons-5.1.2 1.9MB 2e0cd44f97492c9a1266b3174007ef8ab59647c93a88eb4793ac7462f3b6d949
kfilemetadata-5.1.2 84kB b1bd31b0ef9e2de5673912a072b48c6bc206e2634fb05281783181dad2165f6b
khelpcenter-5.1.2 1.9MB 74bb6e5ac7424f153b3eebba736efdbcf06c3886484c14e9ff9dbcb5f552fc39
khotkeys-5.1.2 725kB 38994e24b799637885ef13b65df108e48c683c90ed2f1a2bdaf823775dded24f
kinfocenter-5.1.2 1.0MB c076e2abcf40669309cd65d947606ef6f91ba838ec881e8388a1e6a8c147e0fa
kio-extras-5.1.2 475kB 1f00f6d661b465d2053fa68e32dead851e272e71d493945d5e8ab516b5f69e34
kmenuedit-5.1.2 333kB 9215a068b1203a98f459e9670110a3af16fc35b6a1cdb55d062be21027aa09b8
ksysguard-5.1.2 429kB bf765445ce98cc383f1aae3f1726576c96942c21f3cf763273eedd06307f760d
kwayland-5.1.2 58kB 0562bb309b5c08a5d0584b0cb838da6845a739a71d39e351b509e305577ba76c
kwin-5.1.2 3.6MB 4e427141956c0ee87ac86be995ecab6e00a53e52c65a469bbc9e45e5114f4bea
kwrited-5.1.2 18kB c5005bbd64f1ccf5d263a61ecefe95578abd184eec86c64c8021fe40671b552f
libkscreen-5.1.2 59kB 697d7f3ba890327b5469745d58dc65931c0bb83e91f7555dac8855ab04017acd
libksysguard-5.1.2 538kB b3f4d8b4a8d5c34edbbd35a638fe9101f292c4b4ff1088912b0f9c6820963218
libmm-qt-5.1.2 74kB 6473818154ffe506a616495640f2a9f638811a782b7a45ce3ca2b6230bfea3cb
libnm-qt-5.1.2 138kB 75a395b886c2913f6cce86ef8f6451cc181734040f735433a002c7b2a8f4a3be
milou-5.1.2 48kB 6a6aeda717b05b8a2b03b51ecd6b0eac10897d26bc2f4bd74b48acde3eaf5c35
oxygen-5.1.2 4.2MB 9e0a81bf5b18143995f628e68948ba4eaa879b9553d959d74ae0727c0ac39437
oxygen-fonts-5.1.2 157kB 5cbceb97a73c7b20dc7bb3ad16bd67638e620a668614fd55d9b29bfbb433c015
plasma-desktop-5.1.2 5.7MB 67d71d86895ed0899766111d6c8d050365c3ea6f272bf7b9819591851673c15a
plasma-nm-5.1.2 479kB e7d6a68a7c6c2d05e3b11632ceeae221549443b70e15bcb6c0cc69d9fe92dcc5
plasma-workspace-5.1.2 6.4MB b329a2e4120e5bd6bcd718e4bba2763bc4ccd3a97031e13c7d71d5da679cfc0d
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.1.2 27MB dd559d1654590e15f21a68c0d04dae5c3db690f1d7ce424ae5809975423ebea2
powerdevil-5.1.2 410kB d78e06232c9f1eaf1cdca0613bf1fecfd34a0e15c704e1b0203b8706af20002f
systemsettings-5.1.2 132kB 7e031f471d89504caa4672b258107721fe5845c7266bf6b9d61f77d5033d5a80

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